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Warmly celebrate the successful development of our company's ZRJSC series cluster down-the-hole hammer!

ZRJSC series cluster type down-the-hole hammer
The ZRJSC series cluster down-the-hole hammer is a new product developed by our company for pile hole construction specially equipped on rotary drilling rigs. This down-the-hole hammer and rotary drilling rig adopt the Bauer square connection method, which can match most rotary drilling rigs on the market.

Aiming at the shortcomings of low working efficiency of rotary drilling rigs in hard rock environments, this product adopts the cluster type DTH hammer operation method, and utilizes the combined action of several single DTH hammers to meet the operation requirements of large-diameter pile holes and work efficiency Compared with the rotary drilling bit, it is dozens of times higher.

At present, according to market demand, our company has officially launched a full range of products such as ZRJSC660, ZRJSC800, ZRJSC1000, ZRJSC1200, ZRJSC1300, ZRJSC1500, etc. At the same time, we can also customize and design special sizes according to customer requirements.

In March 2015, our company successfully carried out the on-site verification of the ZRJSC1200 cluster down-the-hole hammer, and the on-site verification was a complete success!

Picture 1: ZRJSC1200 cluster type DTH hammer

Picture 2: The use site of ZRJSC1200 cluster down-the-hole hammer